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His performance at the vice presidential debate suggested someone not particularly fluent with the arcana of L. The fact that Weld's suggested nomination brought forth a possibly unprecedented level of media attention and respect to the L. reinforces the view of camps: Hooray for more free and positive media! Those who have sweated over years and decades to make this plucky little collection of political oddballs the third biggest party in the United States feel some completely understandable human emotions of underappreciation when faced with recent converts who want to step off the boat into leadership positions.

And, they also smell an unprecedented electoral opportunity. 2) Weld is yet another former Republican, at a time when the juice within the party just doesn't have much of a Republican flavor. in 2012, becoming at first a Tea Party champion and eventually an evangelist for Donald Trump.) There is a palpable wariness at becoming a way station for lower-tier Republicans trying to opportunistically worm their way onto a coveted ballot slot.

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"The Libertarian Party National Convention has been largely a celebratory affair, as delegates, alternates, and longtime activists coming out of the woodwork bask in the exponentially increased media attention, and salivate at the prospects of being the third-party beneficiary of America's two-party nervous breakdown.

(Sharpe made a similar crack about "old white guys," prompting a growly Gary Johnson Saturday to kick off his nominating speech with the line: "I want you all to know that I am NOT an old white guy. It's a complicated story given the Empire State's unusual multi-party politics, but Weld was going to be the great Libertarian hope in the 2006 gubernatorial race but then backed out of the party's nomination when he did not also concurrently win the Republican Party nomination.

People in the New York delegation here remember this incident like it was yesterday, and have vowed revenge. activists who bring this up have been irritated mostly by the Ohio governor's role in blunting Libertarian Party ballot access, certain non-L. libertarian journalists whose names rhyme with "Fat Belch" also point out that the liberal media's favored GOP candidate this cycle had an easily discoverable campaign record as an interventionist nightmare on foreign policy.

Not only was 2008 nominee Bob Barr a former Republican congressman, his running mate, Las Vegas hustler Wayne Allyn Root, had written a book three years previously titled . Favorite VP alternative Larry Sharpe even claimed to me in an interview that the selection of two mainstreamish former Republican governors could "set the party back 10 years," because it would alienate the decidedly non-Republican activist base, who would then have to be painstakingly wooed back.

The party as it exists now is experiencing a historical surge.

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