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If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Seeing its magnificent monuments and the mighty Nile will no doubt leave a lasting impression on you. This is a very honest (and sometimes brutally honest) guide. You won’t find a more comprehensive guide out there on how to prepare for and what to expect in Egypt.

The camera automatically exposes in tricky lighting situations and performs admirably in low light and at night. This camera has chucked out all the technical jargon and uses descriptions of possible scenarios the user would encounter (night portrait, party, beach, snow, sunset, close up, food, backlighting and so on).

For the old-school photographers, you can also set the camera to simulate your favorite type of 35mm Fuji film, such as Provia or Velvia.

The camera comes with a top-quality interchangeable 16-50mm lens that needs to be swapped if you want to zoom beyond its focal length. You could do this with the interchangeable 50-200mm lens, which costs a couple of hundred dollars more.

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The latest point-and-shoot cameras are still smarter than smartphones and have loads of fun options and easy-to-use settings good for amateurs and pros traveling light.

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