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Once again these missions are extremely well checkpointed, meaning the lengthy sequences need not be completely repeated to progress.

However, this time there’s a possible penalty for not completing them in one attempt.

The other frequent theme here, and one where it falls down horribly, is the prevalence of helicopters.

While of course bowling alleys and the like are available in both games, you’re not being nagged by friends to hang out in TLAD.In fact, once you’ve been given access to parachuting it’s hard to shake the desire to grapple onto a distant building, launch yourself, then grab hold of a passing plane.It’s interesting that while JC2 cannot hold a candle to GTA’s mission structure and writing, it has made its epic city feel very restrictive.There’s no hindrance in not scoring well, but once the game is complete missions can be replayed via your mobile phone, letting you attempt to improve upon your previous score.Should you need to restart a mission at a checkpoint, it won’t let you upload your score to the Social Club online features, just in case you care about such a thing.

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