Hazards of online dating

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With copious amounts of singletons gracing the online covens, some disengaged from reality and with those who are unsuccessful in the love stakes hanging on in there, still believing in the urban myth that a “friend of a friend” married well.

The ever hopeful candidates keep striving for their prize, only to sadly end up with far more than what they bargained for. Is this a clear miscommunication between the sexes or narcissism in its purest form disguised as harmless, dating deceit and all part of the game of moans?

Men claim to be bombarded with adverts of escort girls, and their opinions of women seeking random “hook ups” is embedded along with their justification for constant flirting and not willing to part with their online accounts just yet.

Women start to believe that all men are players and cannot be trusted, that is until the next charmer comes along and vows to play equally as indifferent when faced with the next challenge.

Some sites allow unregistered users to access profiles as an introductory method, which means that they go through no screening process and there are some horror stories of women being raped and even killed after meeting someone on the Internet.

Although these sites are a very popular means for singles to mingle, friends still look at you shocked when you tell them you’re meeting someone you met on the Internet.

Angus (with a silent G) was one middle aged illegal fox hunter, childless by choice, snobby and ruthlessly discarding after creating his own premature officer’s “mess” in her bed.

The result, one huge anti-climax after having received a week of love bombing and pedestal placing, prosecco and strawberries on a picnic blanket and exquisite conversations that involved the exclusivity chat to get one’s own way and secure a night of riding his filly of choice.

If they are not who you were expecting you can always cut the date short safely.

Surprisingly he had jumped many hurdles to get there, this included wearing every outfit from his childhood dressing up box, discussing his horsey lifestyles at every opportunity and had even offered himself up as one of Sandhurst’s and Tatler’s finest gentlemen, sadly he revealed little more of a Laird of no manners who even before bolting off back into the world of Tinder.

Having shown alarm at her pristine white underwear, obviously Mc Snooty was used to a more chewing gum shade of the double barrelled stable hands knickers, probably washed in with the winter rugs on a hot wash.

Ideally this would happen naturally in a newly opened wine bar or whilst walking the equally on trend Cockapoo; unfortunately organic meetings no longer have a common foothold and have been replaced by the endless swiping of human catalogues for potential lovers all seeking their unique needs and wants.

With Ms and Mr Right traipsing in a zombie-like dream state with their changeable expressions south facing, studying the profiles of many on their smartphones, lured into a world of internet dating followed by the mandatory hating.

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