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Best argument, I think, in favour of Rothko and the like is the idea that "what's difficult is not to make something, but to put oneself in a state conducive to making." (Brancusi)How different complex, technical software engineering is to the simplicity of even the most elaborate painting/sculpture...Unless you have a really big monitor, like 40" or so, nothing compares to the real thing I disagree; simply, "nothing compares to the real thing".Downloads are slow, the pages are unresponsive, and I can imagine it's going to cost them tons of unneeded bandwidth. Looks like Micrio doesn't support the International Image Interoperability Framework [0], something I think a museum would be interested in.Oh, and I hate that a fullscreen background image that highjacks the scroll wheel.[0] I can see Van Gogh like this one such detail, without having to go to the museum.BUTTON to download and install special software that helps to WATCH ADULT MOVIES FOR FREE NOW!uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.

I have a friend that works at the Met, and (with management's permission of course) was able to get me into the modern wing during a time it was being renovated.

For 3D artifacts, being able to orbit them in a viewer is another good thing that we'll probably see more of. Rothko is an interesting case for digital reproduction because his work is all about aura and atmosphere but, technically, his work is not exactly impossible to fake.

Is his work really spiritual or maybe a bit bogus, for that reason of being grandiose and imposing yet also "easy"?

The Pollocks were my favorite, but it's all incredible.

It definitely became my favorite type of visual art after that and I will always visit the Met and Mo Ma when in town.

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