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It is important however, that you tell you son or daughter that they can them come to you to chat about any aspect of the information that they want you to chat about or help them to understand.

If your child doesn’t approach you with questions, set aside time to chat to them about the book and invite questions if they have them.

There are so many more parts of growing up beyond puberty and sexual development.

You should also talk to them about how they may change in terms of their interests, feelings towards the opposite sex, falling in love and dealing with feelings of embarrassment and awkwardness.

Remember what it was like for you growing up and offer plenty of support and tender loving care when it is needed!

Your child may ask you to tell them about how babies are made, they may hint that they have heard something about sex or you may just decide that it is time to talk to them and teach them some of the facts of life. You should have the chat when your son or daughter show signs of wanting information.‘Sex’ is the first taste of his next one, ‘I Think You Think Too Much Of Me’, due out on August 19.Check out the video for ‘Sex’ below and see Lorde and Eden’s Facebook chat after the jump. Classes range from Antenatal & Newborn Care, Parenting all age groups, Parenting After Separation or Divorce, Self Development For Teenagers and in-school and community services.Help Me To Parent use the award winning Parents Plus Programmes for courses.

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