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But use color the wrong way and it will make your eyes bleed. In the case of color, we’re using our eyes and not our nose. The color wheel’s purpose is to illustrate the relationship between colors, and most notably the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. To really know what color is, we need to understand its ingredients.

Another words, there is a specific psychological reaction to each color.I mean, if I can make sense of them, then you’ll be just fine.Hue is literally the name of the color that you are looking at.And the less saturated a color is, the closer to gray it gets. Looks like a regular old blue, nothing suspicious here. And in most design software (I’m looking at you, Adobe), you will see it called brightness instead value.But add a bit of saturation and the intensity gets stronger. There are two additional terms to describe the value of a color — tint and shade. If we tint it, we’re adding white to the mix, and you will see it brighten.

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