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If you’re single and over 40, chances are your BFF, your parents, your siblings, and maybe even the stranger in the checkout line are offering you their unsolicited dating advice.

While Aunt Debbie may have some wisdom, we'd rather leave it to the pros.

For example, Ettin says, one of her clients didn’t want to date a man because he took care of his grandson. “It showed that he was dedicated to his family,” says Ettin, who encouraged her client to give it a shot.

"Yet when it comes to love, we think it should happen organically." As a coach, Gandhi helps clients with everything from writing online dating profiles to teaching folks how to message effectively.

"Coaching offers services and products that are designed to improve our clients' success," says Keren Eldad, who created the program Date With Enthusiasm.

"Dating in our 40s typically means we know what we want, and we feel pressed to find it quick! "But eliminating fast is often the strategy that prolongs our single status." She warns that there is a thin line between "going with your gut" and being judgmental.

(Are excuses like 'I don't like how their apartment smells,' really deal-breakers?

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