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Use of the term kathoey suggests that the person self-identifies as a type of male, in contrast to sao praphet song (which, like "trans woman", suggests a "female" (sao) identity), and in contrast to phet thi sam ('third sex').The term phu ying praphet song, which can be translated as 'second-type female', is also used to refer to kathoey.A significant number of Thais perceive kathoey as belonging to a third sex, including some transgender women themselves.Most trans women in Thai society refer to themselves as phuying (Thai: ผู้หญิง 'women'), with a minority referring to themselves as phuying praphet song ('second kind of woman') and only very few referring to themselves as kathoey.With glamorous new scenes of gorgeous spectacular costumes, choreography and – of course – hilarious comedy, undeniably the Lady boys are the greatest Showgirls!Concessions are typically available to over 60s, under 16s, students, unemployed and disabled people.

Others may wear make-up and use feminine pronouns, but dress as men, and are closer to the Western category of effeminate gay man than transgender.

The term kathoey may be considered pejorative, especially in the form kathoey-saloey.

It has a meaning similar to the English language 'fairy' or 'queen'.

As well as transgender people, the term can refer to gay men, and was originally used to refer to intersex people.

Because of this confusion in translation, the English translation of kathoey is usually 'ladyboy' (or variants of the term).

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