Manuela testolini dating eric benet

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Manuela Testolini is a Canadian-American woman who is basically an entrepreneur and a charity worker but became famous through her marriage to the late pop sensation Prince Rogers Nelson.

But the animal/nature conservation non-governmental organization was founded in 2010, not by Manuela Testolini, but by the former Swedish composer and singer Ragnhild Jacobsson and her husband Lars Valentin Jacobsson.

Soon, their relationship led to their marriage which kicked off with a wedding on Christmas Day of 2001 in Toronto Canada.

Prince had recently divorced his first wife Mayte Garcia when the wedding took place. Manuela took up Prince’s last name ‘Nelson’ during the course of the marriage.

Manuela Testolini graduated with a degree in law and sociology from York University, Toronto, Canada.

Then, she was working as a consultant for the charity organization belonging to Prince when a relationship gradually developed between her and the singer.

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