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Notwithstandilng this fattvourable circumstance there was sonething threatening it the aspect of tlhe oceant wh'ich wa.'s spe'aking in hollow, hut (eep murnmurs, like a vol.Seano on tile eve of an eruption, that greatly heigit' ened the feelings of amazement and( (read witl which thel peasants beheld this extraordinary i L'terlruption to the quiet of theirt little bay."))'iie slirh-t i`t trnh of the strangcr started, with) att sxtraordttinary emotiton, at t!his questioli, taitn' htt: stirtink aside involuntartily, as if to conceal hits f...atlttcs, lcfi)ore lhe,lanswered, in a \voicwe that w'as bareltt atudib:le."'; should tlhink it woul(t he thle water of tthe s: sire, ltiyout cunnin is also eqluat to tetliiln!tme how long: wte shl sjaltl ourn toetherl', it' I make ytou a prisonter, il orlder to enjoy thie benefit of youtl wit?

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It wilt be seen, however, that, though he Iats navigated the same sea as Smollet, h)e has steered a different course; cr, in otherl wlords that hle.i]as considered wvatt Smollet bhas l)aint(ed as a pi:lturte whtlich is finishled and which is not to be (lat-ubcd over by every one \who mlay choose to handle a pencil on marin1e subjects.WVith no otlher sails spread to thle action of thle ai I, than her' heav} y tmainsal, and one of those light jibs that pr)loeted fla' beyond hell bows, the v'essl'lidtd ove' thl.e wvater with a grace tand te cility fthat sece - ed n)agieal to the beholders who turned I their wonderintr looks froltx the schooner to each other, in silexnt tamazement.At length tile drover spoke it) a low, solemn voiee.. anld if that bit (craft h}as wood in her bottom like tile brigantines t hat ply bettween Lo.'on and the Fith at Leith, he's in muir danger than a prudet(lt mo)t could wish. he's hy thle big x'ock that shows his head when the tide runs low, but it's -no 1o001 tal man who can steer long in the road he's jour I.which proved to be a fit ox, quietly rumnltating tltltt1 a t hedge near' theat " T'heore's many a hungry fellow aboard of us," sai(l the boy meirrily, " who would be glad to se.C cond lonrg t'olm's mot1ion, if the time and business would perinit tus to slay the anima1l." "' It is but a lublber's blow, M-r.

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