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Non-probate assets: If an asset has a beneficiary designation or is held jointly with rights of survivorship, it is not a probate asset.

Assets with a beneficiary designation can be claimed by the named beneficiary(ies).

Probate assets often include real estate, bank accounts, and stock titled in the decedent’s name alone.

Hamilton County Probate Court has guidelines for what is ordinarily considered to be a reasonable attorney fee: 5.5% for the first ,000; 4.5% for amounts up to 0,000; 3.5% for amounts up to 0,000; and 2% for amounts over 0,000.

How the value of chemical inventory depreciates with time.

Liquidation of excess chemicals stock and used equipment by chemical companies may seem to be less lucrative.

Any tax owed must be paid from the estate, and any tax refund will be added to the probate assets.

Estate/inheritance taxes: An “estate tax” is a tax based on the total value of assets owned by a decedent at his or her time of death.

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