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In June 2013, Balace attended an e-commerce conference where she found herself seated next to a venture capitalist.

She shared Peekawoo's story and the guy invited her to make a pitch.

When he got a notification she had “liked” him on the app, he messaged her immediately.

She quickly responded, “hey :)” “I was amazed she was interested in me,” he said.

You will be sent an email - click the link to confirm you requested a new password and then your password will be rest - check your email again.

Go to the My Pictures page and you can either upload pictures one at a time or multiple at a time.

An avatar is a small picture which represents you in the search results. After your picture has been approved you can select an area around your face to use as your avatar. You can make an avatar and manage your existing avatars on the My Pictures page. One or two pictures of animals/scenery/miscellaneous photos are allowed but this is not hi5 please do not upload 100 pictures of cats, they will be deleted and excessive cat postings may cause your profile to be blocked!

Any pictures of yourself which are not s3xually explicit (do not focus on any s3xual area such as zooming in on an exciting part! Do not upload pictures that aren't you - baby photos, celebrity photos, religious or otherwise sensitive photos are not allowed.

It is likely they did not adhere to rules and were deleted, please see above for more details.

The website traffic was high with more than 50,000 users in the first six months, but there was not much engagement.

“I think only three users made payments to continue chatting,” she says.

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