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Forensic characteristics: found naked - beaten on right side of face - black eye - bruise back of head - found in own vehicle - strangled with rope - hands tied in front with thin cord - no signs of forcible penetrative rape - at a shopping center prior to death - was acquainted with her killer. Calissi stated Vogel "knew her killer because there was evidence she had sexual relations and her clothes were folded 'neatly under her' on the seat of the car in which her body was found. Church in Little Ferry but went shopping at Valley Fair departments store, making several purchases which were later found in her car. Elizabeth Perry died of a chest wound penetrating her right lung and was also stabbed in the abdomen.On Friday, October 28, 1967, Vogel stated she was going out to play bingo at St. The side of her neck had superficial knife scratches. We have some type of entertainment on most nights at the pub. Forensic characteristics: abducted or ambushed - killed in the vicinity of the encounter - on rural road and bush terrain - found facedown in six-inches of water on bank of creek - mud and sand found in mouth - clad in orange blouse ripped open in front - peddle-pusher/toreador style pants partly pulled down - no penetrative rape reported or determined - walked or forced through bush on footpath from road to creek - drowned forcibly by head being held in mud and creek - purse found on the opposite bank of the creek with contents intact - Sunday afternoon.She was a waitress at the Hangar Restaurant in Paramus and known to frequent Tommy’s Diner on Paterson Avenue in Wallington. In 1975 according to media reports, a hammer found in Robert Zarinsky's car had blood and a hair adhering to it "similar" to that of Balabanow, but was found to be insufficient evidence to lay charges. Forensic characteristics: Stabbed three times in the chest and stabbed and cut ten times at the abdomen, scalp and neck with a kitchen knife found at the scene. Gilda Ryan was a practical nurse employed at the Metuchen Nursing Home.Suspected serial killer Raymond Alves lived in Polizzi's neighborhood in 1967. Reported missing by family after failing to return from evening band practice at Cause of death: skull fracture with a blunt object and multiple slashes to the throat with edged instrument. Forensic characteristics: strangled with wire/rope or chain of the crucifix she was wearing. Found Tuesday at am by Robert Lewis who lived with Ryan and her three children when he returned home to their second floor apartmen. Abducted in or from their vehicle - cut, stabbed and scratched with a short pen or paring knife - some superficial knife scratches - bruised and beaten - evidence of sexual assault [not specified] - one victim found nude with fatal wound to the neck - the other victim wearing torn Susan Davis and Elizabeth Perry were last seen alive on Friday May 30, 1969 at a.m.On her way back, she did not see Mary Ann along her normal route (Essex Street to Polifly Road to Lodi Street), and assumed that Mary Ann had arrived home. Darlene De Wolff Polizzi, 19, went missing from Lodi in Bergen County, New Jersey, Monday, April 24, 1967. 31, 1968; Joan Freeman was working overtime recording employees' hours from time cards in a second-floor medical library in Building 34 on the Clifton side of Hoffmann-La Rouche, on a security-gated campus. A guard making a routine sweep of the building found her body several hours later. Cause of death: ligature strangulation and cerebral hemorrhage resulting from fractured skull by blunt force trauma Forensic characteristics: abducted on way home from work - found in water - fractured skull from blunt force trauma - jaw broken - beaten about the face - nude to the waist - no penetrative rape evident - hands bound with rope - truck tire chain wrapped around the victim's neck, hands and lower extremities - her dress wrapped around her face and head and tied with an electrical cord around the her neck with a granny knot - shoes missing March 26 1969 disappeared after leaving work at pm in a drug store store in Roselle. Irene Blase was seen on Main Street, in Hackensack, at approximately p.m. She was seen again, at approximately p.m., at the Hackensack Bus Station with an unidentified white male.Mary Anna Della Sala was last seen wearing a light blue sweater and suede jacket with tan pants, blue shoes and a blue headband. She was also wearing her boyfriend’s Hackensack High School class ring which was engraved with his initials. Darlene has reddish brown hair and brown eyes, a small female at 5’ 3” and weighing 100 pounds. Saturday afternoon murder - estimated around to pm. Her killer came at her from behind, striking her in the back of the head with a wooden mallet which was recovered at the scene. In the ensuing weeks, detectives interviewed and performed background checks on more than 300 people, including the guards who had been on duty at the campus' front and back gates and the employees who were at work that day. Victim did not return to her family home at 1766 Union Avenue, Union, NJ. Irene was last seen wearing a black long sleeved shirt and dark blue jeans.

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Bodies discovered at pm by nine-year-old nephew visiting. left home from 612 Florida Grove Road, Perth Amboy, to visit girlfriend. Edison Township, Middlesex County/Jackson Township, Ocean County, NJ.

On Tuesday, January 24, 1967, at approximately 9 p.m., Mary Ann Della Sala, age 17, of 150 Hobart Street in Hackensack, NJ, finished her shift at the Shop Rite located on 330 Essex Street, in Hackensack. Robert Zarinsky charged in 2008 based on DNA evidence but died on eve of trial.

Mary Ann was reportedly offered a ride by a female co-worker, but declined because it was a nice night. The co-worker did drive another employee home to Wood-Ridge. Forensic characteristics: Disappeared from home on a Monday. Linda Balabanow, 17 March 26 1969 Roselle, Monmouth County/Woodbridge Township, Middlesex County, NJ.

Her light blue jacket with initials, blue print dress and underwear were found in a pile near her.

The handbags of both girls were found nearby, Davis's purse with and change. a dark colored Mustang parked near where the blue convertible was found.

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