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I think they all have a lot of potential to be explored further in a dating sim based on what we already know about them and/or had solid grounds for the start of an interesting route but haven't seen much of it yet (moreso in Lip/Serenity's case).This is really late and going to be EXTREMELY long but I’m going to post this anyway.If you try and please everyone you’ll not only please no one, but you’ll give yourself some unneeded stress. If you want do do 16 things with servants like Abigail go for it!If someone doesn’t like it, that’s their problem, and let them deal with how they’re going to approach your project.Furthermore double check, triple check, even quadruple check it, if you want to know why, check what happened to a game called Breeding Season and learn from that.

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The cases that comes to mind is the Cease and Desist orders issued onto the Stage-9 recreation of the Enterprise from Star Trek and the fanmade Pokemon Uranium game.Technically, using copyrighted IPs, whether they be characters, music, names, etc., for your own purposes is illegal.Fair use is a defense and not a right, and only the copyright holder is given the right to create derivative works from their IPs in American law at least.As for licensing, it's a fanwork, so as long as you don't have any official things in it (art, audio, logos) or charge for it, it should be fine.There's tons of free resources out there though!

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