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Art, according to Objectivism, serves a human cognitive need: Edited by Leonard Peikoff.European Christian philosophy Dating objectivist Thomism Renaissance humanism.In probability, a subjectivist stand is the belief that probabilities are simply degrees-of-belief by rational agents in a certain proposition, and which have no objective reality in and of themselves.According to the subjectivist view, probability measures a "personal belief".For this kind of subjectivist, a phrase having to do with probability simply asserts the degree to which the subjective actor believes their assertion is true or false.As a consequence, a subjectivist has no problem with differing people giving different probabilities to an uncertain proposition, and all being correct.Though this is a loose metaphor, it serves to illustrate the view that each individual subject has their own understanding of right and wrong.

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To explain his meaning, de Finetti created a thought-experiment to illustrate the need for principles of coherency in making a probabilistic statement.

In extreme forms like Solipsism, it may hold that the nature and existence of every object depends solely on someone's subjective awareness of it.

One may consider the qualified empiricism of George Berkeley in this context, given his reliance on God as the prime mover of human perception. Metaphysical subjectivism is the theory that reality is what we perceive to be real, and that there is no underlying true reality that exists independently of perception.

(Analogously, one might hold that it is a fact that it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere, even though this is not always the case, implying that some facts are temporary.) Giovanni Merlo has developed a specific version of metaphysical subjectivism, under which subjective facts always concern mental properties.

Caspar Hare's theory of egocentric presentism is another, closely related example.

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