Older celebrity men dating younger women

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Besides, there is a double standard that allows middle-aged Hollywood men to proudly trot around the globe with their much younger girlfriends on display (Scott Disick, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Bradley Cooper, just to name a few) while older women face incessant scrutiny.These 14 celebrities prove that dating a younger man is really not all that taboo.They finally married in 2010 and adopted their only son, Liam.Flockhart and Ford are still happily married, which is a good thing since it’s Harrison’s third marriage.However, he is on this list for his second marriage to Anne Stringfield.

They began dating when Harrison was 60 and Calista was 38, at the time it was a big to do!Wasting no time whatsoever, the couple went about have three back to back children. They are still married today and seem to be taking a break from having any more children.Paul Mc Cartney, one of the founding members of The Beatles and legendary musician, as a result, has been married three times in his life.But they aren't the first couple with a significant age gap—there was Sam Taylor-Johnson dating and marrying Aaron Taylor-Johnson despite their 24-year age difference, Cameron Diaz dating Justin Timberlake, and, of course, Demi Moore marrying Ashton Kutcher.They all made dating younger men a trend to watch, and now there's even an entire television series dedicated to unpacking the concept of ageism as it applies to women.

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