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You have to install the Mighty Text app on your Android Smartphone and have to sign into your Google Account.Next, you have to sign into the same Google account using the Mighty Text website.The Mighty Text allows you to text from your computer using your current Android phone number. You get phone notifications from apps like Whats App, Snap Chat, and Instagram right on your computer.Using Mighty Text, you can store your photos and videos taken from your Android phone to your PC or tablet. It even serves call notifications, phone battery alerts.It’s much of a headache when you use your Phone’s tiny keyboard to reply to the messages, which is no way supports fast typing at all.

However, you need to sign up for a new number on their website which is free.You can even send web pages, photos, and more from your computer to phone.My SMS is one of the best free websites for sending and receiving texts on your computer or tablet – just as you do on your Android phone.My SMS makes it easy for you to send detailed messages from the comfort of your laptop. It works perfectly well as is synced with your phone, tablet, and computer.What’s even more amazing is the fact that My SMS is available in 180 countries.

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