Only fools and horses dating agency

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”Although we can’t promise you the belly-laughs of Only Fools and Horses, Meetings can certainly ensure you have the best venue for your meeting!

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Calling himself "Derek Duvall", managing director of a successful import and export business, he meets an aspiring actress named Raquel Turner. Del asks Raquel to join him at Albert's upcoming birthday party, but she declines, citing an acting class she has to attend.

Meanwhile, Rodney also arranges a date, with The Nag's Head barmaid "Nervous" Nerys Sansom, and is tricked into leading a wild and dangerous persona by Mickey Pearce to impress her.

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Every viewer was willing him to succeed when he arranged to meet Raquel through the Technomatch dating agency in the 1988 Christmas episode.

So as meetings go, Del and Raquel’s was pretty disastrous all things considered.

However, as fans of Only Fools and Horses will know, everything turns out all right in the end – despite some further twists and turns in the plot, which see Del Boy being arrested for mistaking a real policewoman for a stripper and telling her to “Get ’em off!

However, she finally arrives late and introduces herself.

They decide to continue their “getting to know you” meeting over lunch at the Hilton Hotel.

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