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"Changing sites from time to time, and then revisiting, is the best strategy," says Davis.Ace Your Profile"Your user name is going to inspire them to click," says Davis, who suggests a terminology mash-up (e.g., Sporty Smile).

Choose Your Targets"It's impossible to message or date one person at a time," Davis writes.T'ang Dynasty Illustration mid 8th century Chinese Ling Troupe 1915 Chinese Sword swallower 1915 Chinese Sword swallower Shanghai 1920s Chinese Sword swallower Shanghai 1920s Sword swallower in Shanghai Chinese Sword swallower 1927 Sword swallowing was popular in Japan in the 8th century and was often seen as part of an acrobatic form of entertainment known as Sangaku, which also featured juggling, tightrope walking, contortion, and other related skills.Sword swallowing began to die out in Europe and Scandinavia in the late 1800s, when variety shows were formally outlawed in Sweden in 1893.But such lightweight openers are disarming, approachable."If someone said to you 'I'm uncomplicated, generally in a happy mood, and I like to do stuff,' you'd want to hang out with him or her, right?" Webb found that the most successful profiles were purposefully casual, under 500 words, and just detailed enough—­specific, but not to the point of alienating someone ("like" HBO dramas, but don't zero in on ).

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