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Editions[ edit ] Rage was available for pre-order in three retail versions: Those who pre-ordered the standard edition of Rage automatically got their copy upgraded to Anarchy Edition.The Anarchy Edition adds a Crimson Elite Armor, a double barrel shotgun, fists of rage an upgrade for fists that attaches metal blades to the character's hand gloves for use in melee combat and a buggy called Rat Rod. Only the single-player campaign is available hence the name of the edition.

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The Earth has been devastated by a collision with an asteroid, with a tiny fraction of the population surviving in life-sustaining Arks buried deep below its surface.

Those who survive emerge to find a wasteland controlled by a global military dictatorship called the Authority.

Multiplayer content however is absent in the initial Mac release.

Downloadable content[ edit ] Downloadable content DLC was mentioned to be planned for all platforms.

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