Revox a77 dating

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If it's the 15ips version, then yes, it will make a fairly nice mastering deck.I still use my faulty one for tape loops, phasing and slapback on occasion.What you might want to look out for is the PR99, especially the mk2 or mk3 versions.

The A807 is better, but the B77 is a nice machine, and a damn sight more portable as well.This one has almost no wear on the heads and the cosmetics are excellent.It's a one-owner deck that was purchased as part of a complete system and almost never used.It's also a great performer that took top honors in almost every contemporary review. Plus it includes a remote control for transport functions. Garrard Gallery Thorens Gallery Systems Gallery Lenco Gallery SP-10 GALLERY Articles and Reviews Alignment FAQ Interesting Vinyl R2R Tape Gallery Plinth Builder's Gallery Idler Drive Cartridge Gallery Teres What's Under Your Turntable DIY Dept Reading List Links Misc.

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