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The criminalization of the victims of Chevron and human rights violations are part of a strategy to attack people who defend their territory.

That is how Chevron maintains its impunity at the expenses of the massive human rights violations (e.g. (- Stop Corporate Impunity Campaign)The struggles of affected people still go on.

Many socio-economic and cultural issues affect the local population who usually have few resources and are more dependent on agriculture, fishing, and local trade, which has been destroyed by the company (e.g. The threat to food sovereignty affects in particular the ancestral cultures of indigenous peoples (e.g. The political lobbying of Chevron affects states' sovereignty and permits the company to develop polluting activities in compliance with their governments (e.g. Also the lack of transparency of its financial transactions and its refusal to disclose contract conditions with the States (e.g.

Argentina) does not allow population to evaluate the impact of these activities in their country.

On the contrary, it demonstrates the systematic impunity of transnational corporations.

The 30 cases introduced on the map show that there are common characteristics in many countries and that they are not isolated “negative externalities” but due to a systematic pattern of violations by the transnationals.

Es el resultado de un proyecto colaborativo entre el equipo de investigación del EJAtlas en el ICTA - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, La petrolera estadunidense Chevron Corporation es un ejemplo emblemático de una transnacional que viola los derechos de los poblaciones en sus tierras y utiliza la estructura de impunidad corporativa mundial para no asumir sus responsabilidades para los daños causados.

The international “polluter pays” principle has not been applied.Unistoten, Canada), data base production and popular epidemiology (e.g. Moreover, in many cases, as the report “Towards a Post-Oil Civilization” shows (published by EJOLT project) that the population refuses the extraction of fossil fuels as the only path to development, and calls for them to be left in the ground.Also they plead for a different kind of welfare and “buen vivir”.This map is the result of a convergence of fights of affected communities all over the world.It invites to continue cooperation to denounce human and environmental rights violations as well as to claim justice for collective damages caused to the people and lands.21Mayo - #Día Anti Chevron Este mapa presenta 30 casos de conflictos con la petrolera Chevron en todo el mundo (haz click en los puntos en el mapa o mira abajo para conocer más sobre los casos).

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