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When you merge datasets, new records in the source dataset are added to the target dataset.

Additionally, extra columns in the source dataset are added to the target dataset.

For more information about suspending events, see Turn off constraints while filling a dataset.

Information about the changes in a dataset is maintained in two ways: by flagging rows that indicate that they have changed (Row State), and by keeping multiple copies of a record (Data Row Version).Constraints are automatically disabled when the Merge method is invoked on a dataset.When the merge is complete, if there are any constraints on the dataset that cannot be enabled, a Constraint Exception is thrown.You can prevent a concurrency violation by filling another dataset with the updated records from the data source and then performing a merge to prevent a concurrency violation.(A concurrency violation occurs when another user modifies a record in the data source after the dataset has been filled.) To make changes to an existing data row, add or update data in the individual columns.

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