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State of Texas DOT Criminal Background Check – The central background check for felonies provided by the state. – Has background check capability plus a photo reverse lookup. They want to scan the world to add it to the Google Borg. The Online Books Page — A searchable database of more than 28,000 English works with full text available for free online.Bibliomania — A database of free literature from more than 2,000 classic texts. Project Gutenberg — The granddaddy of online books with a catalog of more than 20,000 free books with full text available online. The National Academies Press — Only about 3,000 free books online and ~900 for-sale PDFs.It breaks your results down into categories – general web, blogs, news, academic, cloud, metrics, research, etc.This allows you to quickly focus on the type of answer you were looking for. Surfwax – They have a 2011 interface for rss and a 2009 interface I think is better. Dogpile – another multi engine aggregator Scout Project- edu — Since 1994, the Scout Project has focused on developing better tools and services for finding, filtering, and presenting online information and metadata.UNZ – An odd collection of periodicals and book scanned.Get Abstracts (commercial) — Large online library of more than 8,000 business book summaries.Focusing on art history, architecture, and related fields, they begin with the archaeology of prehistory and extend to the contemporary moment. Looked like a deeper list of Texas newspapers, so this effort may be a deep comprehensive list.

– Physics and Astronomy data engine for academic papers Specialty statistical data on all kinds of subjects, from countries GDP to levels of blindness.

To all the 35F and 35G’s out there at Fort Huachuca and elsewhere, you will find some useful links here to hone in on your AO.

– (broken as of Sept 2016, hopefully not dead) This is my favorite search engine.

Lexis Nexis (commercial) — Billed as the world’s largest collection of public records, unpublished opinions, legal, news, and business information.

Over 35,000 individual sources are claimed as searchable.

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