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The most westerly doorway (outside the photo) was excavated this year, in the 2015 excavations, proving the length of the building and the carefully ordered alignments of buildings within the ritual complex Not only is this structure carefully proportioned and balanced architectually, the entire complex of buildings excavated on Tayne Field line up beautifully.

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The shot below recently taken at Dana’s Sittingbourne Lab contains items you will recognise from previous blog posts, and is a wonderful example of what happens to the artefacts after the excitement of excavation: Here you can see a selection of gilded Anglo-Saxon brooches – a garnet-inlaid disc brooch (top left), a pair of button brooches (top and centre right) and a Frankish bird brooch (top centre) – alongside the fragment of a buckle (centre), the collar (centre left) from a decorative setting, and, at the bottom, a lovely iron spearhead.

It contains images of the halls and sunken-featured buildings that were excavated on Tayne Field since 2012, as well as incredibly accurate renditions of some of the artefacts, animals, and the activities that would have taken place we uncovered with the help of all our volunteers.

You’ll notice a vertical scale bar positioned inside a pit.

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