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An average Utah movie theater might have as many as 5 swingers viewing an R rated movie.

Madison Square Gardens would entertain 423 swingers at any given event.

Given that there are about 315.5 million people in America and that about 189 million of them are ages 21 to 65, here are some interesting stats on Swingers in the population.

If you're flying on an average Boeing 737, there are 4 swingers on-board.

We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over South Carolina looking to meet new people.She will usually find all her sexual needs outside of the marriage.Most common is that the husband still pays the bills, maintains the home but isn't allowed to "enjoy" his wife.Motivational Posters - Various funny motivational posters - Swingers western slope colorado swingers - trying to find fellow swingers - Just wait till 2013 and they will cum lmao.Lifestyle Stats - - According to Wikipedia there are over 4 million swingers in America.

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