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Thankfully, Arrivals in airports witness lots of emotional reunions, so we weren't thrown out.Or maybe my boyish looks fooled everyone into believing we were a straight couple, long-parted by an evil fate. I waited until the storm abated then kissed her mouth in a very thorough granny phone sex lines sex with gorgeous ladies from up and down the country is the best phone sex you could imagine.Listen as the sexiest grannies on the planet talk you through your wildest fantasies and discuss your most disgusting daydreams with the unrestricted enthusiasm you only get from mature sexy ladies who have outgrown their inhibitions and thrown off the shackles of youth.Unlike the wife-swaps those other dalliances had been spontaneous. In my perfect little world she could join my army of lovers; the ones I never fell out with and always welcomed back with open arms. Short-term contracts suited her and her travel addiction down to the ground. Well okay, so she does do guys as well as gals and I've never inspected her other lovers' backs after they've had the pleasure, male or female. She showed me her nails, clogged with bits of freshly shed skin and blood-red (not that I'm sure it was my blood; Margot's nails are invariably varnished in blood-red). Then, when I had her shrieking and yelling in ecstasy, I turned her face-down on the mattress and took her from behind, as deep and hard as even she could beg for. Okay, I confess all this self-pity is building up to me having the best fortnight of my life.And, to make matters worse, when we bickered about them afterwards, we'd fallen into a cycle of what I can only describe as revenge fucks, as if each of us was trying her best to be most outrageous. In fact our last two or three weeks together had been immensely damaging. Hmmm, okay then, make that welcomed back with open legs. She would earn mega bucks, blow every last penny on globetrotting, then do it all again, secure in the knowledge she'd still be in demand. But I can say for certain that she has raked me every single time. And the girl in question wasn't just "new"; I'd never physically met her before.

Predictably, I had also gone for a thin white T-shirt. Indeed at that time I practically self-combusted when just one feather-light finger intricately traced a route down my spine.I am also doing my best to make each set of confessions readable in its own right. Chapter One Kat's words rang inside my head as I drove Maxine 2 away from the airport. She obviously stalked me in a wired sort of a way, but how? Or did she simply use good, old-fashioned witchcraft? ' 'Margot-babe,' I replied, grinning broadly, 'it's been far too long.' Margot laughed at that and, not giving one toss for any of the other customers' sensitivities, said, 'It's been way too long, but that's not an issue anymore, is it?As the briefest of brief recaps I'll remind you that, last time out, I ended by seeing the love of my life off on her global travels, and that as far as I was concerned, it was our third and final parting. Our latest spell of living as a couple hadn't followed the course of the previous two. Whatever it was, she was there in the pub, not quite two in the afternoon, four or five hours ahead of my usual arrival time, waiting for me. Not when we're both here and now.' ***** I'd like to say we chatted in a civilized fashion, dined in the pub's restaurant and then politely retired to my bed. Chapter Two My first couple of Kat-free months found me very much in slut, harlot and whore mode.Sinead wasn't too differently attired, except she looked infinitely better. It began with a lengthy snog and eager hands all over each other, but not in an intimate way. But not nearly as good as she looked as her clothes slowly, steadily came off her.

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