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So you've found yourself wanting to emulate classic Power PC Mac OS and can't put the pieces together on how it is to work? In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to run Mac OS 9.0.4 in Sheep Shaver, although other versions work. I set the Width as 1024 and the Height as 768, then also changed the refresh rate to Dynamic.

This is a testing build, however, I have found it to work better than any of the ones from 4 years prior. (OPTIONAL) Go to the Graphics/Sound tab first and change a few settings.

You will also find FWB's "Hard Disk Toolkit Personal Edition" and "CD-ROM Toolkit". Inside this CD you will find several references, technical info library, presentation, support stacks, applications, diagnostics tools, Disk Maker 1.3 disk images, and Macintosh system software up to 6.0.4. MD5 Checksum & Filename: 4FDE4AA6365FC2599E767C09EB8BCE45 *Technical ISCD1990. I assume that when the above compatibility rating was written there are newer G4's this will not boot up and install to.

Apple – Technical Support – Information Source – Owner’s Guide 1.0, 1990 Contains System 6.0.3 in many languages, lots of application samplers, Technical Info Library, lots of Drivers for vintage hardware This is the Apple Technical I. ZIP This is the Apple's Software Upgrades CD - Volume Four. For example; the Mirror Door G4 & G4 e Mac or any late model G4 that shipped with either Mac OS 9.2.2 or can run 9 in Classic mode only.

Top download above contains a zip compressed .toast image MD5 Checksum: 871C94B4A5C479735E10CE269EAEBF57 *UMAXS900-J700CDv4.1.

The installer however refuses to install the System Software, as it detects that BII is not a PPC Mac. This is the original install CD for the Umax J710 Series Super Mac clones - It contains a full Macintosh System install of Mac OS 8.1.

See the file “Restoring Power Book Software” for instructions.

It was used to test the pre-release versions of Apple products for the developers. ZIP: Built CD image containing worldwide Mac OS 9.1 Update disk images. ZIP: Built CD image containing worldwide Mac OS 9.1 Update disk images. ZIP: i Book G3 Series restoration CD-ROM v1.1 image. ZIP: i Mac G3 Summer 2000 DV installation CD-ROM v1.2 image.

Usually I've installed from those multiple parts for 7.5.3 from Apple - This was totally painless to install in comparison, using this CD. However, this CD doesn't boot at all on Basilisk II, because it were based on Power Macintosh PCI system software. For G4 AGP install, it has the special build of Mac OS specifically designed for the G4 AGP Graphics and will not boot in other G4 models.

This is the original install CD for the Umax Super Mac clones series- It contains a full Macintosh System install of Mac OS 7.6 in Japanese. This is a Bootable Universal install CD for Mac OS 9.2.1, US English. It is OK to burn this back to CD using Img Burn on Windows or Disk Utility on Mac OS X (or Toast).

The school had purchased 25 Mac SEs and five Image Writer printers and had them networked with Local Talk.

I spent hours in the computer lab, tinkering with them and learning how they ticked.

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