Single parenting autism child dating

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Raising children with special needs can be both challenging and rewarding, often within the same day (or even hour).Our emotions as special needs parents are complicated.They miss participating in extra curricular activities or, if it works out that they are members of something, we are rarely able to support them as a family by all of us showing up.We feel so utterly alone, isolated and cut off from the rest of the world as special needs parents.Those bonding moments with other parents at your child’s school party or Halloween parade are now spent either supporting your child or waiting ever vigilant in case he/she needs you.There are no casual invitations to meet for a drink later with the other parents because your child is not a part of their kids’ social circles.We long to find others that can relate, and that can reassure us that we are not alone.

We observe that other parents seem to regain their social lives as their children get older and a bit more independent.

READ: NOT WHAT I EXPECTED: HELP AND HOPE FOR PARENTS OF ATYPICAL CHILDREN The ongoing effects of feeling isolated and being a lonely special needs mom can lead to more severe consequences.

Many parents of special needs children experience mental health issues themselves, such as anxiety and/or depression.

After all, it will be mostly our responsibility to keep up with it since we are not naturally standing on the sidelines or helping at school.

We aren’t able to casually make connections with other parents.

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