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Make her slap her hands with a tawse till they are bright red and tears sting her eyes or have her take a cane or riding crop and beat her ass till it goes purple and has huge angry welts all across it.

She will begad plead with you to stop but it is entirely up to you whether you do or not.

Each and every girl online is prepared to accept anything you wish to do to her and she will still always smile and call you “Master” this is all part of the bdsm webcam training You can use the free webcam chat facility to tell your slut what you want her to wear.

You might want her in tight trousers and shirt, you might prefer her to be dressed in stockings, high heels, low-cut crop top and dressed like a total whore or you might want her to simply be completely naked and exposed.

They hold on to the belief that men are superior to women and that females should always be subservient to their masculine betters.

For these guys, however, it is incredibly difficult to find a suitable woman who will do as she is told, allow her self to be humiliated and penetrated when ordered and who will always show the utmost respect to her Master.

Things like “ugly bitch” “cum whore” and “slut” are common. Some Dom’s like to have them get on their knees takes out a big dildo or vibrator and show off what good little cock suckers they can be.

check out our chubby Mistresses over on the free BBW cams section Lots of Masters like to have their slave write degrading slogans on their bodies.

Then you can make them bend over and ram it up to their pussy and fuck themselves doggy style and demonstrate to you how well they can accept cock in their holes.

Every fem slave is also an obedient pain slut and can take incredible amounts of abuse and torture.

You can also make her attach clamps to her nipples and weights to her pussy and then swing them around and watch her face as it twists in agony and she has to bite her bottom lip to avoid yelping out in pain since this means you will punish her more.

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