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What were the implications of that cycle in that other context and what we were thinking is that what makes demand withdraw so negative for affluent couples?Is the presumption, the implicit assumption that people can change things if they want to in their lives.So, we had a range of couples and we videotape talking about problems and we identified the demand withdrawal pattern and here's what we showed.We showed this in two different samples -- that the couples who were more affluent, the more they did this demand withdraw cycle, the worse off they were.

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Kaitlin Luna: Hello and welcome to Speaking of Psychology, a podcast produced by the American Psychological Association. And the assumption is well, demand withdraw is going to be equally bad for everybody.

The poorest couples in our sample actually benefited from engaging in a demand-withdraw pattern and so that's the news here, that and the broader lesson is the advice that we give to couples has to be tailored to their circumstances.

The same advice that applies to couples that have a lot of resources might not apply -- it might even be counterproductive for couples that do, that don't have a lot of resources and that's what we found.

Students also learn practical skills that can help increase their independence, including preparing food, brushing their teeth, and navigating maps!

These conclusions are based on an analysis of online daters in four major U. cities, according to researchers from the University of Michigan.

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