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Still I want to check it out, and it may be just what's needed for those who shares files with Windows users or for a mail server.

I'm no stranger to Sophos, actually run their Free virus scanner monthly on my Windows computers, and if one has a spare PC with a Intel Core Duo 2.0 or better, they offer a Linux based OS at no charge to turn that computer into a powerful standalone hardware Firewall, great for parental & guest control over one's network, in addition to the other benefits of a dedicated Firewall appliance.

Sophos installs on his machine fine, but doesn't update.

I have been into the configure updating section and it was initially greyed out, so i edited the config file then inputted the correct license details (other users were greyed out, but editing this file then inputting details fixed theirs) but his still doesn't update.

However, if you need to make a change follow the instructions below.

Go to the following folder and edit the file using notepad: For Windows 7 – Program Data Sophos Auto Update Config For Windows XP – Program Files Sophos Auto Update Config You may need to give the user editing the file permissions to write to the folder, my user account had read only.

If you attempt to change the update location or credentials for a Sophos Antivirus Endpoint client, and the client is unable to contact the Enterprise Console or Sophos Control Center (they may be out of the office on the road), you may find the properties for the Sophos Auto Update are greyed out.

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Have tried a complete remove then reinstall but all with no success.

This comes in handywhen doing re-installs.- Web-based graphical interface.- CLI installer- Supports several distros- Data collection by Sophos can be disabled- Comes as an all-inclusive download.- Commands are build around usage with a root account, rather than assuming the use of Sudo.

Cons:- Does not specify what percentage of their definitions are for Linux malware.- No information is provided on the quality of the definitions.- No direct download link is provided. There are a couple PDFs with instructions on their site: https:// https:// Command-line usage is awkard, some commands just require the executable name while others require the entire path.- No graphical installer- Data collection by Sophos is enabled by default.

I'm going to have to give this a shot on one of my Linux installs, to gain some experience & to see the effectiveness of the protection offered.

It was brought up in another Topic over here a couple of days ago, and the cons you bring up is why I didn't bother with it on my main PC (though I didn't see your Topic then).

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