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Solutions, an accounting firm that believes in results analysis for continuous improvement and added value with a focus on strategy and financial coaching.

She had the chance to be a coach and member of the organizing committee of JCCM’s Réseau Jeunes Entrepreneurs and is a business and financial coach to some Montreal startups.

This quality allowed her learn Spanish and Italian leading her to speak 5 languages.

Her unique perspective allowed her to walk out of HEC with a with confidence.

Over the past 6 years, she had the chance to work with prosperous small business owners, bloggers and aspiring entrepreneurs on their digital strategy.

Alex Bastide Active entrepreneur & Restauranteur, L’Gros Luxe Alex Bastide is now the owner of eight L’Gros Luxe restaurants (Plateau, Mile-End, Vieux-Longueil and Sud-Ouest) opened back to back in less than a year in 2014!

How often do you get to meet an entrepreneur to pick their brain in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere?

Sometimes all a future entrepreneur needs is a mentor and a nudge in the right direction.

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Karine Bassette Social Media Trainer & Entrepreneur Mlle Parker is a social media trainer and entrepreneur.

Its mission is to unleash the inner style and fashion creativity of Montrealers and to make them fall in love with Montreal’s fashion all over again.

Lamia had the chance to cover multiple fashion shows, interview inspiring montrealers, produce a young professionals inspired fashion show in collaboration with the Fashion & Design Festival and co-organize a fashion business ecosystem panel in collaboration with Trends Connection & Fondation Montreal Inc. Lamia also holds a CPA certification and founded Strategic Accounting.

In parallel, she is the content director at YBCM, Young Business Community Of Montreal, which has the mission to fuel young Montreal’s inner leadership and entrepreneurial fire, through facilitated collaborations and business opportunities within the community and access to valuable resources for a turned up career and entrepreneurial journey.

Taïna Chalifoux Co-founder & President, Di Napoli Caffe (Trilingual BAA from HEC) Taïna Chalifoux is a young woman who is not afraid of boundaries.

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