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I was only interested in IUD birth control but instead, he brought me into his private office to talk about sex, dating, condom use, etc.

Being so close to Miami, the party scene is often filled with Botoxed beach bimbos and Jersey Shore alum so we aimed to find the classier crowd, shooting for the Aston Martin driving trust-fund babies, rather than the fist-pumping spray tans.

Crowd was a C at best and I found the cutest girl in the place was the HB7 at the door, but even then, that might’ve been her skirt.

The women open up well, and there were many groups of girls on the prowl.

He calls you personally to give you your results ..The dance floor was empty and at about am it got INSANELY packed.Deluxe (16 E Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, Florida): Hiked down to Del Ray beach for the night and was met with an unfortunate burst in rain which slowed down the crowd, but it packed at midnight.I was just there recently for a 1-on-1 bootcamp and, though there were some major misses in the party scene, we eventually found where all the hotties are hiding.There were a lot of girls too drunk to stand up by 11pm and a huge line to get into the garage.

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