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I personally think this sweet tea would make the perfect match up for many of the dishes in my meal plans.

I also shared a couple amazing brunch recipes that this would pair well with!

I know Iced tea making can be a very personal drink to make. I have friends that have special microwave methods, other people I know have ways they make their sun tea.

Other people like to let their tea steep for about an hour.

I have made tea for years, and on a rare occasion when I don’t pay enough attention to the heat or cook time and I end up with a bitter-tasting not so sweet tea.

Will accommodate special dietary requests with advance notice.

This Instant Pot Sweet Tea recipe is incredibly easy to make.

You will get a perfectly smooth, hands-free, easy to prepare satisfying drink and will probably never look back at the old way of making this popular but easy summer drink again.

So the tea steeps only for the right amount of time.

You and I don’t have their machines at home, but we can make a similar type of tea just like they do. One of the benefits of making your own sweet tea is that you can control the amount of sugar that is in the recipe.

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