The right stuff dating ivy league

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Well, as a heterosexual male, I can only speak to other straight men about the women in their lives (although many, if not all, of these surely transcend gender). Because if your girl does ANY of these seven things, she is, as it is commonly referred to in the bro community, "wifey material."I've both had and seen girlfriends react to jokes in many different ways.If she's "utterly appalled" at a joke you made, leave her ASAP.But you'll never get bored of the girl who pushes you to reach heights you couldn't reach on your own.We live in a trifling time, when a lot of our personal information is very easily accessible.So depending on your fuse, this might be even more important to you than others, but if the girl in your life can take you from ultra-pissed back to your normal level of chill equilibrium (equi-chill-brium), then you have a girlfriend who truly knows you, and that is a gift, my friend.OK, let's take a breather for a second and move away from the heavier emotional stuff."Netflix and chill," we joke about its hidden connotations and sexual undertones, but the fact of the matter is this is how you spend a fair amount of your relationship.If she just kind of ignores you with nothing more than a roll of the eyes, well, sometimes that's all you can hope for. Well you lock her down, and you lock her down hard. Speaking on behalf of myself, I'm a pretty chill guy, and it takes quite a bit to get me mad -- even more to make me lose my sh*t.But, if by some miracle, she shares your sense of humor? Life is too short to spend it with someone you can't share a laugh with. (PSA: If I'm mad at you, chances are you f*cked up).

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I personally believe both genders' "woes" about the other aren't entirely, if at all, valid.

When people say "guys suck" or "girls are the worst," all they're really doing is expressing their frustrations over trying to find companionship in their lives.

We've been seeing each other ever since, and I'd be crazy not to give her my full attention.

Thank you for playing your part in bringing us together.

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