Updating a 1970 s contemporary house Sex chat luxebourg gratuit

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But a newly opened driveway with updated landscaping and a bright white fence gave it a much more welcoming look. A very handy DIY couple renovated this Pennsylvania schoolhouse with lots of open spaces and designer touches. A new screened in porch added loads of outdoor living space to this remodeled North Carolina farmhouse. The Joy of Caking‘s 1972 Frolic Camper looked like, well, an old camper.

But she updated this vintage camper with a delightful new bathroom door with a cottage look. After nine months and 2,000, it’s hard to believe this is even the same kitchen.

While I knew by boyfriend was handy (we had done a smaller renovation on our first condo) I had no idea he was capable of the work he did. I’m really proud of him and us for not killing each other.”-In terms of furniture and artwork, most of it is either from my family, estate sales or flea markets.

The coffee table was from an estate sale, the luggage cart being used as table was left by the former owner, the dresser being used as a buffet was my grandmother’s, the record player and speaker were my father’s and the dining table was my sister’s vintage find.

A contemporary remodel completely updated the look of this once-declining mid century modern home in Utah. Monk’s Home Improvements made this laundry room a stylish new spot with new cabinets, countertops, and paint. Designer Jayme Guokas salvaged this 1880 row house, taking it down to the bones and bringing it back up with reclaimed and locally sourced materials for a beautifully updated home. A kids’ bathroom gets seaside-inspired updates in this renovation. With added beadboard, a new sink, toilet, and shelving, this remodel looks great. But now it looks like the attic of your dreams, with loads of living space, cute sleeping nooks, and dormer windows-with enough room for office space or a sleeping baby! This master bedroom closet had lots of space, but not a lot of function. Boarded up windows, a failing roof, and trash everywhere.“When we toured this house it instantly reminded me of my grandparents’ house (which I had wanted to buy but was unable to at the time it was for sale).It was not so much the layout, because our house has what I think is a rather unique 1950s layout, but more the way it was meticulously organized, cared for and decorated (my grandma also loved pink).Removing carpet, wallpaper and paint really showcased this—especially the amazing vaulted ceiling.Other than that, my inspiration was making do with our budget constraints and working towards having a home that could finally showcase all my vintage treasures.

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