Updating an unlocked iphone to 2 2

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(Note: Pre-pay plans will not work with the e SIM.) Assuming you’re eligible, you’ll then get a series of screens that will lead you through the process of activating your new service, including selecting a phone number (if you’re coming from another service, you can port over your existing number), creating a PIN, and — oh, yes — entering your billing information.

Once that’s done, you’ll get an email with a QR code. Congratulations, you now have two phone numbers (and two data plans) on the same i Phone.

Once you’ve purchased the e SIM plan, you’ll want to set up your phone for dual SIMs. Scan the QR code from your carrier with your phone.

Then look at the bottom of your screen, and tap Enter Details Manually.

You can even have two different plans on the same phone — say, one for voice and messages and one for data.

Three major vendors currently offer e SIM capabilities: AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.

And if you use First Net, AT&T’s service for first responders, be aware that, according to AT&T, the second SIM may interfere with the first SIM’s connectivity.

If you’re using Verizon, you can perform the entire process from the My Verizon app.

Existing T-Mobile customers who want to add a second line to an existing phone are advised to use T-Mobile’s DIGITS plan, which lets you access up to five lines from one device.If you want to add an e SIM to your i Phone, and are either a customer of one of those three carriers (or are willing to become one), here’s how to do it. First, this is not a free service — you’re purchasing a second line, with all the expenses that go with it.Your phone also needs to be running i OS 12.1.1 or later.And if you want to have plans from two different carriers, your phone First, you will need to purchase a new e SIM account via the AT&T website, You’re going to need your device’s IMEI number (the unique number that identifies your specific phone).To locate it, tap on Settings, then General, and then About.

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