Updating left 4 dead server

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* @param vector Vector coordinate where special will be spawned * @param qangle QAngle where spcial will be facing * @return Pl_Handled to block special from spawning, * Pl_Changed to change the zombie class type to spawn, Pl_Continue otherwise.

*//** * @brief Called whenever CTerror Game Rules:: Clear Team Scores(bool) is invoked * @remarks This resets the map score at the beginning of a map, and by checking * the campaign scores on a small timer you can see if they were reset as well.

The following is a listing of some of our forwards/natives.Description: Left4Downtown2 is psychonic and Prodigy Sim's L4D2-only continuation of Downtown1's Left 4 Dead extension.Unlock maximum players slots ( up to 18*) in Left 4 Dead 2.Only available on playerslots builds Adds SM command targets @survivors and @infected.Also provides a boat load of new L4D2-related natives and forwards for plugin developers.

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