Updating meade autostar 497 controller sarah beanie dating website

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I have two 497s and both have ETX 80 listed in the menu...

You should always do a reset when swapping handsets between mounts.

The motors moved when the unit started up, both of them!

I have opened the AS handset and i didn't see any sign of fried components, for what it's worth...

I got out my multimeter and rang out the wires between the junction box and the handset, all the way to the solder connections on both boards.

Try a soft reset first if not follow Weasners guide for hard reset via software (terminal) I was never able to get to the menu to do a reset through the handset. Now that I got past that its just stuck on the testing motors prompt but it never moves the motors.there is apparently no ay to bypass the testing motors function.

I assume that ill have to do it with the pc and the cable I'm making today. You may need the Meade #505 connector cable kit, if you need to do the hard reset.

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