Updating norton disks

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Norton System Works was a utility software suite by Symantec Corp.It integrates three of Symantec's most popular products, Norton Utilities, Norton Crash Guard and Norton Anti Virus into one program designed to simplify solving common PC issues.To combat these dangerous threats, Symantec created the Symantec Endpoint Recovery Tool, which is a bootable CD that scans your hard drive without loading the Windows operating system or the Windows-based Norton program.You can create this bootable disc by downloading the Symantec ISO file and burning it within Windows 7.Open the Norton program, click "Security" and select "About." Look for the serial number listed in this window and write it down.In some versions of Norton, the About page is listed under the Help & Support menu.Professional Edition also includes Norton Ghost 2002 and Win Fax 10.0 Basic Edition.

Professional Edition also includes Norton Ghost 2001 and Win Fax 10.0 Basic Edition.

Made available in August 2001, the 2002 update added Windows XP support.

It includes Norton Anti Virus 2002, Norton Utilities 2002, Norton Clean Sweep 2002, Go Back 3 Personal Edition, Process Viewer, One Button Checkup.

The Professional Edition –now called Norton System Works 2004 Professional– adds Norton Ghost, Process Viewer, Performance Test. in 2004, it includes Norton Anti Virus 2005 (now with Internet Worm Protection, Quick Scan), Smith Micro Software Inc.'s Check It Diagnostics, Norton Utilities 2005, enhanced version of One Button Checkup, Norton Password Manager, Norton Clean Sweep 2005, Norton Cleanup, System Optimizer, Norton Go Back 4.0.

it includes Norton Protection Center, Norton Go Back, Norton Cleanup, Norton Anti Virus 2006, One Button Checkup, Norton Utilities, Process Viewer 2.0, System Optimizer 2.0.

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