Updating records in access

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So you can write something like this (not the best example, but can help you to get an idea): Consider a simpler approach.I doubt you need to be concerned with the form's Current Record property.I have a fairly complex database with a main input menu.I update a field in the main input menu that is supposed to be linked to a table, it’s a company name.Set it's default value property to 0, which represents False or No. Newly added records will have False/No as completion_status --- the check box will appear unchecked.The completion_status for other records in the forms can be toggled between Yes (checked) and No (unchecked) using the check box control.If this will not help, you can look to a couple of another directions: 1) Update records using SQL code.

I can provide more details but wasn't sure what is helpful and what is not.So, the design of your form is an important aspect.You can do a lot more things with designing of the form in MS Access.And I don't see why you should need a command button for "Has been Completed" and another for "Has not been Completed".Add a "Yes/No" data type field to the table which is used by your form's record source. Then your form can have a check box control for completion_status.

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