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For detailed information on software fixes, each VMware ESXi patch release is described in a KB article, with a link to a child article for each bulletin included in the patch release.

Take a look at a recent VMware ESXi 6.7 patch KB for an example.

,” Rich Birch sifted through more than 100 church bulletins from across the country.

He noticed that the largest churches tended to have the smallest bulletins, and that the essential information boiled down to: That’s it!

VMware issues a patch release when software fixes are required – these includes one or more bulletins.

Each bulletin includes a set of VIBs, which are the ESXi software packages.

Bulletins come in two different types: patch (a few packages) and rollup (complete system).

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This is a straightforward approach to keeping the v Sphere infrastructure current, because the Update Manager baseline requires just a single bulletin.

Regardless of delivery means, the contents are the same: a collection of software packages, knowns as VIBs, that are grouped into bulletins to ensure dependencies are satisfied during installation.

There are two different types of patch bulletins for VMware ESXi: patches and rollups.

He has been with VMware since 2005, and his current focus is VMware Cloud on Dell EMC - the first cloud-managed, on-premises, data center-as-a-service offering.

In his previous role Eric provided customers with expert guidance on VMware ESXi lifecycle management, and prior to that he specialized in technical competitive analysis.

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