Validating checkboxlist asp net c error validating the port in mtn

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Drag and drop the Create User Wizard Control to your Design mode. Click on the arrow on the top right corner and pick 'Customize Create User Step' 3. I'll give this a shot and get back to you - it might be a few days. what else would be required to make a registration page?

I'm new to and c#/vb, so step by step is what I need.

These action methods handle the GET and POST request the normal way simultaneously.

NET MVC do not have any helper method for Checkbox list. If I use this helper method for multiple checkboxes, I am going to end up with an extra hidden input for each input field with values true/false and it will be double trouble for me.

When inside of a databound control, the will, by default, change the id to something like Ctl00_something_Check Box List1.

Then it checks if there is at lease one checkbox checked, if so then set args.

I have been trying to get it to work, but can't figure out how to make the sql data connection work.

I'm guessing that I put my sql Insert statement in the place of the "Label2.

Text = "New Email"; so it would insert the new user if the email does not exist: photoshopper - I have gotten this to work when I make my own form.

After searching and I came accross this thread: this the best way to make a checkbox required? Checked) else another solution is to have a custom validation control. Note that you can't access to the checkbox directly because it is inside the Create User Wizard Control. I have created my own registration page using the Compare Validator which works great.

On the custom function, you just have to have something like: public void check Check Box(object o, Server Validate Event Args e) I like this solution much better. I am guessing you like the first one since you mention about buttons. If you have multiple buttons, you just double-click on the one that you want to call the validating function. I'll look more into create user wizard control since i've never used it before. In this validate function (Accept Terms Check Box Validation), you have to dig deep into your Create User Wizard Control to get your checkbox and check to see if it is checked. But, I have a problem with emails and usernames not needing to be unique.

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