Validating javascript text fields

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This is a good source of info Startv20/aspnet/doc/validation/second option is to find all textboxes and display the message Required field validators would work great.

However, if you prefer a j Query solution you could try something like this.

set validation group property for all validators, summary and button.

when you click the button , it will validate all validators from its validation group and display the message.

This validation uses the Querysave event of the form that contains the field.

With a little work you could easily turn this into a j Query helper method that you could reuse in all sorts of situations.

can we pass texbox as an argument into javascript how to achieve this Thanks in Advance you can do this in two ways.

Add required field validators for every textbox and add a validation summary contol.

We assume that you have some experience developing applications using Domino Designer and Lotus Script.

In the first method, if the field contains any input (even only a single space character), then it can pass the validation.

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