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NET, but, not to fear, there are several easy work-arounds that will get the trick done.

When you click a Check Box in a Data Grid View Check Box Column, the check marker will update immediately, but Cell Value Changed event on the Data Grid View will not fire until the user happens to click elsewhere and the cell has lost focus. Well, the Data Grid View thinks it’s a little preemptive to go declaring that the cell value has changed while you are still selected on it.

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions or comments, please let me know, Best Regards, Emanuel Varga The funny thing is: the Cell Validating Event Args class gives you everything except the cell itself! I think it would be better to replace Value, Row Index, and Column Index with a cell object which contains all those properties and more. Where are all the row, rowindex, column, columnindex, columns, or rows properties??? You can set the Error Text of the row to indicate that it is not valid. Best regards, Alexander the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?

I fell bad for the Value Changing Event Args class!!! You can use the Current Row, Current Column and Current Cell properties of Rad Grid View when you handle the event is fired twice using the lastest version of the Rad Grid View control (Q2 2010 SP2). Do you want to know when a feature you care about is added or when a bug fixed?

Hello I am using a 3rd party button (Pay Pal) and in some cases I need to cancel the click event from going on.

I use the Public Event ".click" to do the checks but cannot find how to cancel the event from that point... this is an answer for the person who is over me Yes it doesnt work because e.cancel = true isn't property of under button_click event.

This makes more sense when we think about a Text Box column.

We would not want the Cell Value Changed event firing every single time a letter was added to a person’s last name.

Could you share with us a code snippet that demonstrates how you initialized and used Rad Grid View? Feel free to post your inquiries in the relevant forum: https:// I hope this information helps.This problem was also raised in a Stack Overflow Question which seemed to advocate for handling the method, thereby ensuring that the grid would evaluate whether or not the Cell’s value had, indeed, changed and fire the corresponding event appropriately I must admit, this works, but feels like more of a work around than a solution.What if someone is able to make a selection without a click event?There seems to be a non-zero percent chance that this might fire incorrectly in some unforeseen situation.I’d rather code to do exactly what it says it’s doing. This has the added bonus of not firing when you have clicked outside of the checkbox area, but still falls perhaps under the same category of not being entirely clear to someone unfamiliar with this issue why this particular event should force the grid to exit edit mode.

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