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Joining new channels and starting direct messages There are three ways of joining a public channel; you can either search for it, be invited to it, or be mentioned in it.For starting a direct message, you can either search the user you want to talk or click on that user's avatar and click on the “ To search for channels and users, use the search bar under your account box.Learn more about newchat Sharper, clearer cams Faster room More reliable » See who's chatting In the chatrooms please make sure that you follow the rules.We are now recording everything that's said in the chatroom and are banning members who spoil the fun for others.This will open a pop-up, and there you can set the name of that channel if it is public or private, set it to read-only, broadcast it, and invite users.In read-only channels, messages can only be posted by people with the write permissions. Read-only channels are suitable for announcements or voting, for example.\ Sending messages in Fet Rooms is self-explanatory: type a message in the message box and press Enter or the Send Button.

To get someone’s attention in a channel, type @ followed by their username, for example, @guarilha.To report idiots in chat, click through to their profile, hit "Report User" link.The chatroom moderators have a * after their names.To access the attachment menu, you can click on the plus ( ) icon on the message input.Before sending an audio message, if you are using a browser, you need to give Fet Rooms. To start recording, you can click on the option on the attachment menu. You will have the chance to listen to the message before sending it.

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