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Galactic Pinball is a low-effort pinball game, and 3D Tetris is a crime against nature.

But it’s nice to have a reliable, comfortable way to play Mario’s Tennis, which always had big, beautiful sprites and decent mechanics.

But that changed in recent years with the launch of the fan-made VBjin emulator that enables Virtual Boy games to work with the Oculus Rift headset.

I tested out VBjin recently, and it has actually made games that were once a miserable experience into something quite fun. They were, after all, launch software for a new platform.

Nintendo promised to release a harness to affix the device to the user's head, but the Virtual Boy was discontinued before these plans came into fruition.

The battery pack could be replaced by a slide-on wall adaptor, but it was easy to knock this out of position and cause the system to suddenly shut down.

The system used dual 1×224 linear arrays equipped with flat, oscillating mirrors to beam a different image to each eye and create what were claimed to be "true 3D graphics".

Designed by Game Boy mastermind Gunpei Yoki, the Virtual Boy was Nintendo's first 32-bit console and its biggest commercial failure to date.Monochrome visuals didn't do the original Game Boy any harm, but Nintendo's decision to render Virtual Boy imagery in a jarring red made it harsh on the eyes.Each game came with the option to automatically pause every 15 to 30 minutes, and came plastered with warnings that extended play sessions could cause headaches and even seizures in rare cases.The Virtual Boy was Nintendo’s 32-bit offshoot of the Game Boy line that you played by sticking your face into a stereoscopic display.The device displayed 3D images with an effective sense of depth.

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