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It is the nature of love to give, to give completely and entirely.

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Albert the Great wrote: " 'All fair art thou,' that is, in body and in soul: in body, through the integrity of in-corruption and the unimpaired purity of all the senses; in the soul, not only all fair through humility, but very beautiful, most beautiful, through the perfect plenitude of all the virtues." Wholeness indicates nothing deficient or lacking; nothing extraneous or superfluous.Again, with Holy Mary as an example, we have wholeness unlike any other creature: she is Virgin and Mother; Daughter, Mother, and Spouse; a human person yet without sin; a Handmaid yet a Queen; humble yet exalted; a creature yet Queen of Angels.In her did the Son, whom the heavens cannot contain, dwell for nine months.For example, if we want to master music, we must obey its laws and meet its demands.Since a woman is loved, it follows that the nobler a woman is, the nobler man will have to be to be deserving of that love.

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